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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Penny Dreadful Part 2 #SDCC 2014

Toward the end of Thursday, the wife, Kae, and I met up and decided to see if we could get into Ballroom 20 for the Penny Dreadful panel.  Attending panels usually requires a lot of wait time. People camp out all day to see a few panels. Often you need to come several hours early to get in. We were hoping we could get in without a long wait as it was after 5PM.  We were right. While the room was still crowded with the fans for the Hannibal panels, we found seats without too much effort.  Ballroom 20 was extremely warm and humid. Even Kae was warm, which says a lot if you know her.

Once the Hannibal panel was over the crowd thinned out. New people came in and rushed to the front of the 3000 seat room. The room was still too warm.

The Penny Dreadful panel was interesting. Nothing ground breaking was discussed. I toyed with the idea of asking a question but after listening to the inane questions asked, I didn’t bother.

The next morning, I did get another winning email from Entertainment Earth for Harry Treadaway and John Logan. This time my 2 friends also got winning emails.  After a short wait, I got to the front of the line. I handed over my book and both people signed. I figured I’d ask my questions to John Logan, the creator of the series.

Penny Dreadful draws from Victorian age characters.   I wondered if they would expand their universe. In the panel they mentioned the possibility of adding Well’s Island of Dr Moreau; which I thought would be wonderful. I mentioned hearing that and wondered about the Invisible Man or even Martians. Wells covered a lot of ground in his novels.  Then I mentioned Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde. I got a smile and a nod.  John did add that the Victorian era did have a wealth of characters and if the series runs long enough who knows who might be added.


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