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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Penny Deadful part 1 #SDCC 2014

On Preview Night, we (my friends Em and Jae) visited the Entertainment Earth Booth. Besides seeing Seth Green there, we asked about the signings they were having.  

In the past, I never even had luck at Entertainment Earth so this was off my radar. My friends have had luck and dragged me along. I’m glad they did.  We were told the autographs were now a raffle and also done online. This was something new and something intriguing. You accessed their url and completed the form. By 9AM the next norming, you were emailed a winning or losing notification.

I was skeptical but did it nevertheless.  Later that night, I completed the process and went to bed.  The next morning at 9AM, none of us got an email. Oh well. It was one of those mornings. While we were in line unsuccessfully trying for something else, I got an email. It was close to 9:30 and not 9AM. Wow, cool.  Now I needed hike over to the booth.

While I was standing in line I found out they did NOT have head shots of the Josh Hartnett or Reeve Carney. But I could buy a $30 action figure of each character or a $50 tarot card set. I wasn’t really in the mood to spend money on a free autograph but it was better than handing over a 3x5 to get signed.

Then my friends came over. One was a winner and one was a loser. They both had a photo they printed at home.  My losing friend wanted me get his photo signed. Sure. That was not an issue.  BUT… it was one item only, unless you bought something from the booth. So we decided we would split the cost of an item to get signed.

Just pausing for a second. The issue with the booth not providing a photo is minor stuff.  I’m just chronicling the events. I’m not saying it was a huge issue. It was a slight blip on the radar screen. While it was some chaos and caused some stress and heart rates to climb, it was over fairly quickly because a cute young lady with an Australian accent came down the line selling books. There were reprints of the original stories of Dracula, Frankenstein, and Dorian Grey. They were much cheaper than the action figure or tarot cards. You all know how much I love books, so I bought a book.

Josh and Reeve signed my book. Since I bought an item from the booth; I also got my friend’s photo signed. Both actors were friendly. I mentioned the movie Bunraku to Josh as I had just watched it a few nights previously.

Then I got my book and photo and left.


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