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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marilyn Ghigliotti #SDCC 2014

Okay, I’ve watched Clerks and I even have seen Clerks II. I don’t get the movies.  Or I don’t get why they are considered so reverently. But each his own. That didn’t stop me from getting Marilyn’s auto at SDCC.

The thing I remember most about Marilyn Ghigliotti is how tall she was. I would have guessed under 5 foot tall, although IMDB has her at 5 flat. Maybe IMDB is like scouting reports..always adding a few inches to help with drafting. This leads me to believe the rest of the cast is fairly short too.

She was friendly. She seemed like she wanted to talk. That seemed to be the trend lately for me. Celebs willing to talk when I don’t have time or anything much to say back.


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