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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Fifth Beatle Vivek J Tiwary and Andrew C Robinson #FifthBeatle #SDCC 2014

There was a lot of fanfare for the graphic novel, The Fifth Beatle. Even though I normally don’t do comics or graphic novels, I heard a lot of good things about this book. It’s even being made into a movie.

When I saw that the Dark Horse booth was having a signing, I was excited. SDCC is all about excitement and disappointment. When I finally got to Dark Horse to ask about the signing, I figured I was too late. I was told that there wasn’t a drawing but just a first come first serve. I was also told I could buy a copy of the book while in line. 

I decided to buy a copy then and there. As I was looking through their store, I only noticed a $50 and a $100 version on sale. What happened to the $20 version?  Oh well, at least it will be signed. I bought my copy and left for a few hours.  I got back to the booth about 15 minutes before the signing was to start.

I asked about the signing and was actually lead to the exact spot to stand. And I was first in line. I always find it awkward to be first but it was the end of the day and the carpets was heavily padded so I was fairly happy. My fellow line mates, which queued within seconds of my arrival, were all friendly.  The hostess of the signing was friendly and she joked we could not swap out $50 version of the book for the $100 version on the table while her back was turned. She teased us that she was counting the books in the stack.

Vivek Tiwary was the first to arrive. A few minutes later Andrew Robinson sat down and the signing began.  They had a promotional sampler on the table and as I handed over my book I asked for the sampler to be signed too. I had plans for that. Both Vivek and Andrew were nice. Vivek seemed just as excited to be there was the rest of the nerds in the crowd.

I got my book and left and that finished my Thursday.

But the story continues…

On Saturday, the wife was kind enough to bring me lunch. I found a table first and asked if the 2 empty seats were taken.   A young man looked up and assured me I could have them. I stared him in the eyes. I said I know you from somewhere. Yes, some celebs walk the floor and take a breather now and then. I really thought the guy in front of me was Kal Penn but with curly hair. I was hesitant to say anything. The young man paused. My eyes barely flickered to his shirt: a white t shirt promoting a book.  I absorbed the info and simply said: Fifth Beatle.

I dare say he blushed slightly and his grin widened.  My wife joined me then and he introduced us to his wife and 2 kids - who had way too much energy. I commented on how to transfer that energy to me. Again, Vivek was friendly and outgoing.  We only exchanged a few more pleasantries as they were eating and we were eating.

And the rest of the story…

After getting back to Texas and vegging for a good long time, I made plans to meet with a fellow hound. He was the one that told me about the book and I was passing along the signed sampler. After all, this would not have been as high on my want list without him.


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