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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#Banshee #SDCC 2014

Fortunately, Games of Thrones wrist bands were already gone by the time I got to the WB table. This way I didn’t need to debate whether to try for Game of Thrones or Banshee.  Of course, the other problem, this was WB and I have a horrible track record there.

My heart raced as I reached into Banshee bag.  I just KNEW I was going to pull a losing ticket once again. Trying to earn sympathy from the guy holding the bag, I asked for him to think good thoughts.  Yes, he gave me a weird look. But he also doesn’t know my back story.

The ticket was a winner. I just paused. I smiled. I looked for my friends to show it to them but they had moved out of sight.  I held up the line in my wonder of actually getting a ‘golden ticket’.  The ticket was swapped for a wrist band and I wandered away.

This was 7 AM-ish. The signing was scheduled for 6PM. That makes for a long day.

When 5PM rolled around, I was done for the day. I was tired and my feet hurt. I did head to the WB to hang out. Because it was toward the end of the day and early, I was able to be toward the front of the line. 

When the signing started, they brought in several hearing impaired fans. They let them go first. The stars spent a few minutes with each person. It was nice to see no one was rushed as is the norm with a lot of signings.

Anthony Starr signed first. I mentioned I enjoyed the realism of the fight scenes. He listened. My point was the punishment showed. You didn’t just pop up after taking a lot damage and then act like nothing happened. He said they spent a lot time working on those scenes and had a lot of talented people to help. Yes, I may have even raised my hands in a Krav defensive move as we chatted.

I knew I took more time than I should have so I slid over to Ivana Milicevic who as actively listening to the conversation with Anthony. She added a comment. She asked about my Krav and then I mentioned she was pretty good with the fights too.  

Ulrich Thomsen was still chatting with the person in front of me. I had some much I wanted to say or ask about his character. For some reason I knew everything I could say or ask was just too inappropriate so I just said the standard: I love the show.

When I saw the name of Geno Segers, I had a question mark over my head. But seeing the face, I knew who he was.  When this appearance at SDCC, I’m assuming he will have a bigger role next season.

And the last person signing was the creator JonathonTropper. Again, I reiterated my impression of the fight scenes and he reiterated what Anthony said – a lot of people put in a lot of time to make it look so good.


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