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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SDCC 2014 Friday Recap

Like Thursday, my day started at 4:30 AM. It started even earlier for my friends. I think they were in line by 2AM. I brought donuts and Red Bull. Yeah, that’s how they roll.

Even as close as were to the front of the line and as many people splintered off to queue up for Fox, Hasbro, or Ballroom 20, we still seemed WAY too far back of the WB line. Disappointingly, The Game of Thrones wristbands were gone. But I was happy to get a Banshee wristband.  It’s a show I love even though it’s not sci fi, horror, or fantasy.

I struck out at the Fox drawing. Meaning this was day 3 of carrying my poster tube with nothing in it.

As a group, we decided to wait until the expo floor opened and try for the Marvel booth. Sadly, we got to Marvel just after they were capped the line. So no Agent Carter story to tell.

Personally, I never got to the Walking Dead booth to try for tickets. I didn’t even venture outside so I never tried for the Walking Dead BBQ Scavenger Hunt. 

While I did win the Entertainment Earth Penny Dreadful drawing and I had a wristband for the Hannibal and Banshee signings, some disappointment was setting in. My expectations were much higher.  This was SDCC afterall.

As my friends and I separated, I circled back to the Sails Pavilion and to see what ticketed events were still available. While, I could have gotten George RR Martin, I already have 3 books signed by him so I passed.  I think Mike Tyson tickets were still available and I passed on that.

It was a day of wandering around. I did have lunch again with the wife.  I talked to my parents and my Uncle. I bumped into my favorite bag lady, Amanda. she is the ones that makes those wonderful dresses from the WB bags.
I also met a young lady that had a license plate tattooed to her lower back.  I stared longer than was appropriate.  Then it clicked. It was the plate from the car in Supernatural. I stopped her confirmed the plate.  She was soooo excited that someone recognized it. Yes, it was real. No, she had no regrets getting it. No regrets about the demon trap tattooed to her shoulder either.

One bright spot was the Outlander booth. They had actors that were in character and dress. One lady in a blue suit was constantly chattering. She was amusing and stayed in accent regardless of the conversation. That’s not saying the accent was good but she didn’t drop it. 

She teased me about my poster tube that is attached to my backpack. I had almost hit the person behind me with it.  The actor was working ‘blue’ and commented on the size.  She laughed as I was trying to think of a retort. The problem was everything I could say was even bluer and depended on taking the conversation way over there. So I looked like an idiot with my mouth open and not saying anything.  It was funny.

I spent some time in 2 different Evangeline Lilly book signing lines. The first I was trying to wrangle myself into after it was closed. It was a book signing and I think they were allowing photos signed although I’m not sure about that.  A friend wanted a book and I would give it to him. I was hoping to get a photo signed when the book was signed.  I was turned away from the first. I wasn’t mad. I did try very late in the process.  The second line (at a different location) I was very close to the front.  I was unequivocally told I was NOT going to get my photo signed so I left.

My wife went back to the hotel at some point in the day to hang out and get away from the buzz of the convention.  Not long after she left she was excitedly texting me about the celebs she saw in the lobby. She even took a few stealthy photos with her phone.  Every few minutes I would get the buzz buzz from my phone as she kept me updated. Maybe I should have hung out at the hotel instead.

The Banshee signing was the last thing of the day and afterwards, I made my way home.  And I got see a few celebs in my hotel lobby too.


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