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Monday, October 13, 2014

I’m back – sorta

No promises as we still a lot of life going on.

We have a roommate.

We found a house and are building. So we are making gains on that front. Considering we weren’t even thinking about a new house 5 weeks before we signed some papers, that’s incredible.

BUT we went and survived Hawaii. We even had a good time, although we both caught colds. And that is one ‘front’ that is completed.

We are getting into some kind of routine…for good or ill.

I think I can write some posts on a semi-regular basis. I’m turning on the lights and spending some time on the blog.

I was told that my ‘follow me’ link didn’t work for Facebook. Ugh. So I tried and they were right, it didn’t work. I tried to find another application/widget to replace the one I had. No luck. Then I tried looking for code I could use and manually create a widget. No luck. Then I just removed the offending ‘follow me’ section.

Since life works this way sometimes, once I removed the section; I got an email from the company that created the widget that wasn’t working. I tried again and still had some issues. It’s ‘better’ but not perfect.  You can open my Facebook page IF you are already signed into Facebook. Baby steps…

My twit link opens 2 twitter sessions. Have no idea way. But two is better than none, although it does NOT look professional. Sorry.

Usually I post chronologically.  I only got through half of SDCC but I had some fun stuff happen since July and I want to share those first.


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