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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Peter Robbins – Charlie Brown Dallas Fan Days 2014

As I get to the front of the line, I’m looking over PeterRobbins. He doesn’t LOOK like Charlie Brown.  He doesn’t SOUND like Charlie Brown.  Of course he is a voice actor and that was 45 years ago. It’s unfair of me to expect an oversized round head, beady eyes, one strand of curly hair, and thin lipped weak smile.

Friendly, open, smiling – what a great way to describe someone you grew up with as a kid.

After the pleasantries were aside, he asked if I knew any good steak places. Hmmm, I like a good filet.  I had several recommendations.  Not knowing his price point, I shamelessly mentioned the high dollar ones: Bob’s, III Forks, Silver Fox, and Del Frisco’s Double Eagle.

When I saw that he was actually writing down the names of the restaurants, I realized he was serious. He asked about how far they were.  I gave some estimates.  I looked to the volunteer helping at his table to get some confirmation of the distances. Her expression was a deer in the headlights; just a blank look.  Obviously her idea of a good steak was Red Lobster or even (the horror!) Steak Kountry.

Realizing the volunteer was no help, I told him to the show promoters.  He thanked me and I left with my autograph.


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