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Friday, October 31, 2014

Clive Revill Emperor Dallas Fan Days 2014

The guys that run Fan Days also do a lot of private and public signings with various Star Wars alumni. Over the years I have gotten most of the main cast in person from the original Star Wars movies.  This time they brought in Clive Revill.

Okay, he’s not a marquee player like Mark Hamill but a rare opportunity nonetheless.  He was the first actor to portray the emperor in the movies. Yes, it’s minutiae but geeks are into minutiae.

The line was short but constant. Most of the people in line were working on projects.  The fans unrolled their posters already littered with signatures.  Some items barely had room for one more autographs. You’d almost expect to see gloves worn by the collectors to prevent the oils in their hands from damaging the paper…I think I have seen too many movies about mysteries in the museums.

After a short wait I got my photo signed and joined up with some friends. We were done for the night and started planning the next day.


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