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Monday, November 3, 2014

Caity Lotz Dallas Fan Days 2014

When I returned to Fan Days on Saturday, I saw lots of long lines. Most of them were being capped as the celebs were about go to a panel or do a photo op or whatnot.  Then I saw one that wasn’t capped so I jumped it that line. At the time I wasn’t sure who it was for but I was sure I wanted the autograph.

(I rise out of my metal folding chair and speak clearly to the group: Hi, my name is AH and I have a problem…

In unison the crowd ritually repeats: Hi, AH. Meanwhile, let's get back to the post.)

So I’m in some unknown line.  After 15 minutes, a volunteer walked the line and mentioned that Caity Lotz was running late because she was tracking down her photos. It seemed they were delivered to the wrong hotel.

Once Caity arrived with her photos, the line moved.  My inaction with Caity was pedestrian. Although of note, someone had made a pipe cleaner figure of her character.  They added an immense amount of cleavage to the figure.   

Also noteworthy, Caity did table photos.  As a very little one came up to the table, got down to one knee and posed t make sure it was a good shot.  It was sweet.


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