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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ke Huy Quan Dallas Fan Days 2014

After Caity, I got into the Ke Huy Quan line. As I stepped up, he greeted me with a warm smile. I said hello and then I stopped. I said: Maybe I should have said Ni Hoa.

He smiled again and I said I knew it was Mandarin and not Cantonese.  Both he and his handler said I said it well.  I smirked and said it was with a Jersey/Shanghai accent.   I said that between Xi Xi and Ni Hoa, I got pretty far in Shanghai. 

Then we talked Shanghai and Hong Kong.  I kept it brief. Very brief. I can go on and on about my trip to China.

Now, the million dollar question...why was I speaking Chinese to someone from Vietnam? 
Oh, that's easy: because I'm an idiot and I tried to show off.  Ugh.
He was polite and never let me know I'm  idiot.


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