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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Elijah Wood Dallas Fan Days 2014

For me, the BIG name as this show was Elijah Wood. Not that I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan or even that I’m a huge Elijah Wood fan. But he’s a big name and while he does shows, he doesn’t do that many shows.

When I first got to Fan Day, the line was capped. Once he was back, the line was short.  I jumped in.  The line moved fast but he was spending time with people too.  I have no idea how he did that. It’s a gift.

Again, my encounter was pedestrian but I saw him pose and chat with people.  I saw a young couple finish and they walked away. He looked over noticed the tattoo on girl’s neck.  He called over to the couple. He asked if that was Elfish. She nodded yes.  He waved them back to him and asked what it said.  They spend maybe 30 or 45 more seconds. It didn’t hold up the line but it made a great impression as someone who enjoyed meeting their fans.


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