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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ron Campbell Hard Rock Dallas 2014

While I was cruising in Hawaii, one of my autograph buddies contacted me about Ron Campbell. My fellow hound wasn’t sure when I was getting back but did want to ensure I didn’t overlook this opportunity. Being a big Beatles fan, this was a tough one to miss.

Ron Campbell was an animator for the Beatles cartoon TV series (I remember watching that as I kid with my Grandmom) and on the movie Yellow Submarine.  Thank God for Amazon Prime.  Since I didn’t have anything for him to sign and not having a lot of time to shop…what’s a girl to do?  I used my Amazon app and ordered the Yellow Submarine DVD and had it delivered in 2 days. It arrived in plenty of time for the signing.

Of course, I’m never important at work until I want to leave on time. I told most people I wanted to leave at 5PM so my buddy and I could drive down to Hard Rock together. Well, I left at 6PM.  It happens.

When we got to the Hard Rock they had some kids playing some very good music live but it was also very loud. The ambiance was nice but it was impossible to talk. I got my DVD signed but there was really no way to talk to Ron. A shame.  He was friendly and personalized but there a few questions I would have loved to ask him about animation in the 60’s and working the TV series and movie. It happens.


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