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Monday, November 17, 2014

Chris Hadfield – Canadian Astronaut B&N NorthPark

There is no denying I’m a geek. I have a big place in my heart for space geek-ery.  The announcement of an astronaut coming to my favorite B&N was exciting. Even as busy I’ve been with roommate, work, and new house; I craved out some time to attend the Chris Hadfield signing.

Of course I got there late but I heard most of what he said.  As you know, I usually want to skip the Q&A and lecture but what I heard was intriguing and enlightening. I found it interesting how Chris described zero G and the effect to the body over long periods of time.  He also described the sensations once gravity was reapplied and his own issues with bone density.

He was a very friendly and gave extra time to the children in attendance. He took special care to introduce himself directly to the little ones to them and to speak directly to them. He often handed the signed book back to the child and told them they were responsible of taking care of the book.


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