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Friday, November 14, 2014

Ksenia Solo Rose City ComicCon 2014

There was no reason at all for me to get Ksenia Solo’s autograph again. I was able to see her in Houston less than a year ago and she was a super sweet. In fact, some friends even got to hang out with her in the hotel bar and she bought them drinks.

However, I saw this photo and I couldn’t resist.

As I waited in line, I saw her interact with people she met over the weekend and little ones.  She genuinely seemed to enjoy being at the show and getting to know fans. She didn’t hide her face in a phone or chat with her co-star, who was sitting next to her. She was up front and accessible.

As she signed for me, I mentioned how my friends got to hang out with her in Houston. While she couldn’t remember (and I told her I didn’t expect her to remember them) she tried hard to recall the event.  Then one of my fellow hounds came up and joined the conversation. He mentioned how jealous we all were. As a group, in Houston, we had just separated. Then we see photos on Facebook of what we missed.

She signed and we left. No drinks this time either.



  1. I make no impression on people....I is sad....

    1. I'm sure if I showed the Facebook evidence, she would know exactly who we were talking about. of If you were there, she would have hugged you like an old friend.