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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Neil Napier Tyler Rose City ComicCon 2014

The next autograph was slightly embarrassing for me.  I kind of knew who Neil Napier and was all set to get his autograph.   Things were going well. Despite a small paper airplane interruption, we were chatting.

He mentioned being in Canada for a show. He apologized for not having photos from that series.  So of course I had to ask. It was mandatory I follow up with the leading statement with a question. He said Helix.

Okay, I watch Helix. I enjoy Helix.  I didn’t recognize him. 

He read my eyes and saw what I was thinking: bit part. He told me he was the brother that was infected. Wow, once he said, I saw it.

In person, he’s a big guy. On the show as he lies on his back, he doesn’t seem that big. So he promised some nice surpass for season 2 and didn’t tell any spoilers. He did promise he would spend as much time on his back.


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