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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Necrolectric #SDCC 2014

My favorite booth, Holzheimer’s had the cast of Necrolectric do a signing. The little that I know about the show is what Jackie, who is with the booth, told me.  It’s a web series.  It’s always hard for web series to find an audience.

I walked up during a lull and the whole cast gathered around me.  If I remember correctly, it was 3 ladies and 2 guys and a photographer. I’m the center of attention as the girls were each asking me questions. All the questions were more or less the same. Mostly the questions were if I have heard about the show yet. They were talking over themselves. As I start one answer, I got another question thrown at me. It was like being on a sit com: never getting to finish a sentence.  The guys were just wondering why I was so important.

I only got signatures from the girls.  The guys did ask why I omitted them. I laughed and pointed at their muscular bare chest photos. They didn’t get what I was implying. I told them I was intimidated by their good looks, very muscular bodies, and lack of body hair. The girls laughed. 
The photos signed are Stephanie Koenig, Chelsea Alden, and Serena Lorien.


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