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Monday, November 24, 2014

Chris Warner #SDCC 2014

The movie Idiocracy fascinates me.  Actually, it scares me. While I cognitively know eugenics (or in this case mal-genics) doesn’t work this way, I see things every day that make me doubt that conviction. Even though Chris Warner had a small role in the movie he made my SDCC radar.

He’s friendly and open. He’s willing to talk to you all day long. He’s asking questions of the people in line. He was not one those actors at SDCC trying to pay the rent. In fact, the cost of his autograph was very inexpensive and he was giving 2 photos for the money. He said that he valued my money and if I was willing to get his autograph he wanted it to be worthwhile.

We talked about the movie, Idiocracy and how he enjoyed the movie and the director. He also agreed, at times, the movie seemed to be coming true.  He talked about Texas.  He talked about his plans and his future. As we talked, he came off as intelligent person with goals more than a mansion and money to burn.

A neat guy and I hope you get a chance to meet him.


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