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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Salem #SDCC 2014

Saturday morning the wife actually got up before the crack of dawn. She joined my fellow collectors in line by 5AM. So far, this convention has been a very relaxing affair for her; in bed by 11 PM and up and about by 9AM.  She probably thought she was on vacation instead of attending SDCC. What an amateur.  

This morning we had other plans for her. Of course none of those plans worked but she was a trooper and tried to help us.  Even with the issues we faced, she was able to snag a winning raffle ticket for Salem.

Salem is a guilty pleasure for me. It’s more about the pretty faces and the innuendo than content. This signing had the pretty faces and I’ll admit I flirted a little.

When I finally got in front of the talent, I told Ashely Madewe she needed more air time.  She laughed and turned to Brannon Braga (writer) and asked if heard that. She made me repeat myself for him.

A little further down the line I mentioned to Janet Montgomery I could look into her eyes forever.

When I stood in front of Iddo Goldberg I got to tell him how much I enjoyed Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  He acted surprised anyone remembered that show.

Also at the signing event were Shane West, Seth Gabel, and Elise Eberle.

Once I was done with the line, I finally opened the empty poster tube I had been caring for 3 ½ days and slip my mini poster into it.   This was the first time I had anything to put inside it.  As I mentioned, this convention had been slim pickings.


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