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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

American Horror Story or my Horror Story #SDCC

As I mentioned, Saturday did not go quite as planned.  The wife got up early and tried to help me get some winning raffle tickets.   After my fellow hounds and I struck out at the WB tickets, we got in line with the wife for the Fox signings. I was very excited to pull a winning ticket for American Horror Story. To make things better, the wife got a winning ticket for Salem. I was kinda jazzed after striking out at WB.

American Horror Story seems so unique and new to me.  After 3 ½ season, I’m still excited to watch it each week. I’m not the only one either. As we lined up for the signing, dozens of people were lining up for the ‘standby’ line.  The booth workers were spending a lot of energy shooing them away but like flies they just came back.

The reason the booth workers needed to shoo them away was the signing was late.  A lot of people were gravitating to the signing line. You start to worry that someone might cut in.  You worry the line might get broken up and you are left with empty hands. Naturally all of us were getting grouchy after a long day. 

As we waited, people offered to buy or sell their raffle tickets. It happens. One young man was very willing to sell but had no takers.  I mentioned if he dropped his price and he might make some money. He forcefully told me I didn’t have a clue about scalping and he did this for a living.

I could see that he did make a living the way he did it. Barely. I could also see him making more money long term by lowering his price. At the end of it all, he sold one ticket for a smaller amount than he wanted but if he sold at the price I suggested, he could have sold both tickets and made more money.

This just started of the irritation.   We waited some more. We saw the cast file in.  Our line moved…a little.  That’s almost worse than not moving. Your adrenaline spikes and then it falls. You start to remember how much her feet hurt or the ache in your back is sharper than before.  You can see the finish line but just can’t get there.

From our queue we can see the signing start on the TV monitors.  We saw part of the line move. Yet we still weren’t moving.  We then saw the actors get up and leave.  I pointed that out to my friends. I mentioned that to the line monitor.  You saw the panic in his eyes.  He rushed off to get someone.

 In reality, I know it’s over. There are no guarantees. You pretend to hope they just took a break and will come back but you know there is no chance.  You have missed out.

A few minutes later a young woman comes over. She had 2 large security types with her.  By now, the whole line knows the cast left. The line was angry. Not quite a mob but not exactly a group that will disperse easily.  Nerd Rage comes to mind. Since she does have 2 large men with her, I’m not too concerned for her safety. However, I acknowledge it took some courage.  She could have ignored us or sent someone else over or just had the police come by and shoo us away. She didn’t.

She listened. She talked. Then she promised she would help us tomorrow.

She asked us to wait. She left. She came back with some swag.  As we handed over our winning ticket, she gave us a piece of swag. She told us that at 8 AM tomorrow she would meet us at the Fox raffle line. We would exchange that piece of swag for any autograph held later that day. It was a very friendly thing to do.

While I was disappointed about American Horror Story, this did relive some stress on Sunday…if she showed up.

At 8AM the next day, she was true to her word. She showed and had winning tickets for everyone. We queued. She asked what we wanted and she handed them the ticket.

I must be part Loki. I told her I wanted American Horror Story. The panic in her eyes was priceless. Shame on me for teasing her like that. But it was funny.

I did tell her what she did was classy. I told her I thought it was going the extra mile. So often we focus on the negative and ignore the positive.   The booth really had no obligation to do this.  I have a feeling she did this on her own accord.  Ideally, this is the way things are supposed to work then plans go awry. This should be the auto-response and not what occurs because people yelled, screamed, and threatened.

Thank you Fox for doing the right thing.


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