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Monday, January 5, 2015

Saturday Recap #SDCC 2014

It seems self-centered and petty to complain about Saturday. You have my permission to call me self-centered and petty because I will be bemoaning the results on Saturday.

As you know, I have lamented my results at the WB drawing over the years. I never had much luck but my friends have had some success. This year our whole crew struck out. On Thursday we had back luck. Friday was a mix of bad luck and too many people ahead of us.  The amount of people ahead of us was much more than expected. By the time we got to walk through the line, the pickings were slim.

To combat the Friday results, my friends actually camped out for Saturday. They slept on the sidewalk. I must admit to feeling guilty that I slept in a comfy bed with my wife while they enjoyed the hard cold concrete. The effort paid with good results. They were fairly close to the front of the line.  When I joined then with donuts and red bull, we were less than 300 people back.

That is REALLY close to the front of the line. When the front doors open, a lot of people head to the Ballroom 20 line.  A lot of people head to the Hasbro line.  Realistically, that’s 200 people that moved out of our way.  Additionally, a nice chunk of people will splinter off to the Fox signing line and others will join the Sails Pavilions signing line.  We expected to be no more than 50 people back in the WB line.

When we passed the front of the WB line we knew something was remiss. The line was way too long. By the time we got to the end of the line, we were 200 people back. We had no clue where those people came from and how they got in front of us.  Before long, we heard reports that The Hobbit raffled was done.  5 minutes later, we heard that Mad Max was done. As we inched our way closer more raffles had ended. Before even had a chance to play, we no longer had an interest in any of the remaining signings.

My friends slept on the sidewalk for nothing. My wife joined us in line for nothing.

We heard rumors that a few vendors found a way to sneak in their friends. Those friends were able to jump in line a few minutes before us. That paid big dividends. They could cycle though the very short line several times before we could even queue.

This colored our whole morning. We all had a sour taste in our mouth.  

Saturday is normally a tough day but with lots of potential for reward. The marathon known as SDCC is tough. By Saturday, you have already shorted yourself sleep for at least 2 days. You have stood in line and walked many many miles on concrete for 3 days. You have planned and replanned and re-replanned for weeks before you even hit the ground. And to have the possible of getting your reward taken from you unfairly knocks the wind out of you.

So we pouted. We regrouped. We carried on. We found our successes in other places.  It’s SDCC.  You adapt. You breathe and place one foot in front of the other and soldier forth. You collect your autographs and tell you friends about the one that got away.


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