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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Strain #SDCC 2014

As I mentioned, the signing for American Horror Story didn’t quite work out.  When I got a chance to pick my consolation prize, I choose The Strain. The show had already aired a few episodes by the time ComicCon rolled around but I had it TiVo’ed and no chance to watch. Between the buzz surrounding the show and my buddies excitement I was confident in my decision.

We were not in the first couple of groups that got mini posters signed; which worked out well.  I’m a people watcher. Even when I’m talking, I’m watching people. SDCC gives a lot of opportunity to watch people.  A rather larger guy in a lucha libre mask was hanging out not far from us.  Not sure why I noted him. Maybe because wrestling masks seem so out of place at SDCC. Maybe it was the 2 large guys in black suits that hovered around him.

When our group finally got to enter the Fox booth, the guy in the wrestling masked cut in front of me and walked in. Very odd behavior.  I actually commented (not quite in a high pitched squeaky indignant voice) that the wrestler just cut the line and he didn’t have a raffle ticket.  My fear was the signing would be cancelled because of that line jumper.  I was told he was with the show.  I held my tongue but I was still paranoid.

Turns out that the wrestler was Guillermo del Toro and he was joining the signing a bit late. So I was trying to get the producer, director, and writer for the show kicked out.

The signing was huge. There had 14 people signing:
Cory Stoll
Ben Hyland (my poster was missing his signature)
Everyone was very friendly.  Sean Astin looked me up and down and told me to tell him something interesting. What an odd comment. While confrontational, he did it mischievously with a big smile. I paused a split second and pointed to the UofA logo on my shirt. I told I got his auto a few years back at Profiles in History. He interrupted me to say he was there this year too. And I interrupted him and said I knew. Then I mentioned that he gave crap about my school ‘cause his kid was going to Colorado.  He laughed and asked if he really did that. I laughed back said yeah but it was all good. It was all in fun.  He nodded and I moved on down the line.

At the end of the line I picked up my signed poster. I saw one of my friends and he was talking to del Toro. My friend mentioned he missed del Toro at the Mondo signing. del Toro told him if he had the poster he would sign.  my friend rushed down the expo floor to find the Mondo booth.

The Mondo booth may have bene 100 yards away. Not far. But this is ComicCon. The floor isn’t just crowded. It’s packed. Think kicked over fire ant mound. I don’t know how my friend did it but he was there and back again in 15 minutes but no poster in hand. A valiant effort. The friend did get a few more minutes with del Toro. Maybe next time.

The Strain was a real emotional boost after Saturday.


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