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Friday, March 6, 2015

Alex Kingston Dallas Fan Days 02/15

Alex Kingston was a last minute replacement for Billie Piper. If you aren’t a Dr Who fan then this is unimpressive. If you are fan then you can see that this was a very interesting exchange.

Alex played (s?) a very charismatic character in Dr Who and even though she was in 14 episodes she is a major player.  Her ‘Hello sweetie’ and ‘spoilers’ catch phrases adorned the photos she signed all day.

It was well worth the hour in line to have her say hello to me and sign my photo. She smiled. I commented on her Dalek necklace. She explained a fan gave one to her and John Barrowman.  I wondered (unfortunately aloud) what would happen if both necklaces made contact? Would a Dalek scheme be unhatched? I was rewarded with that special look a school teacher gives to the child that eats paste. That look that says: Aren’t you just precious?  I’m sure some day you’ll find that certain person that makes you happy.

So she thought me the village idiot. I don’t care. I got my auto and I was very happy.


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