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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Melissa McBride Dall Fan Days 02/15

I think I waited about 30 for this auto. The line was ridiculously longer earlier in the day but when she stepped away to get lunch, the crowd left too. I joined the queue at low tide and cut my wait in half.

The first thing I noticed about Melissa McBride was her smile. (I know I say that about everyone. So sue me.) She has a beautiful smile. It’s not all teeth. It’s not huge. It just lights up her face. You rarely see it in Walking Dead. She is stoic and unflappable. In Dallas, she smiled all of the time.

As I stood in line, I watched as she interacted with the crowd.  A young girl made a paper mache Darryl head and wore it all morning.  It was huge and looked like a Lego. Melissa asked the girl to take it off so they could talk face to face. Then Melissa put Darryl’s head on herself. Very funny.

I don’t often ask for personalization or a quote but the line was so powerful from last season I couldn’t resist. If you can’t read it: Just look at the flowers


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