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Monday, March 2, 2015

Terry Farrell Dall Fan Days 02/15

After taking 30 minutes to get into the convention center, I made my upstairs and looked for an autograph line to join.  That line was for Terry Farrell.

Just as I handed over my photo to get signed, Terry stood.  I realized that she was tall. As she sat, I commented on her height. She smiled. Obviously this is a topic that gets brought up a lot.  She blithely replied she had the shortest heels in Star Fleet.

I paused and digested that. Being a Trekkie/Trekker from the mid 70’s, I know women were dressed to attract male viewers.  The early uniforms were miniskirts and heeled boots. As the various incarnations of Trek sprung up, the dress code changed and less skin was shown.

I tried to remember how much taller she was of the other cast members. I didn’t recall her towering over the males.  So I asked if she scrunched when the others in a scene. She laughed and repeated she wore the shortest heals. She said they were flats. But the guys all had to wear 3 inch heels.

 Smiled, took my photo, and said thanks.


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