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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tyler James Williams – Chris! Chris!

I got in this short line because Tyler James Williams said he was stepping away for 5 minutes. A lot of people left. About 45 minutes later he stepped back. 5 minutes for people is 45 minutes to other people.  Sometimes the cut short is not very short.

As I was in line, I heard a lady call him Chris a couple of times. A few people in the crowd called him Chris also. I get that.  You play a role and people will always identify you with that role.  However, the role that is playing now is Noah. The role now is why most people as at the convention. No one called him Noah.

As he signed for me, I asked, do people call you Chris more or Noah. He grinned and said he was always being called Chris (from Everyone Hates Chris, he did that show for 4 seasons). Only in the last few months did he start hearing Noah because of the Walking Dead.

I got my autograph and left. The next night I’m watching Walking Dead and out of the blue he’s killed. No chance for him to establish the Noah character in the consciousness of the American public.


Walker Stalker Con Dallas 3/14/15

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