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Monday, June 15, 2015

A smattering of Whoian signatures 2015

WhoFest is a small Dr Who Convention in Dallas. This is its second year and this is the first year they had guests.  If successful, this will lead to bigger conventions with more guests. I think the American convention circuit is starting to realize how much of a demand there is for Whovian guests at shows. However, the cost to bring guests overseas is a constraint.

I picked up 3 autographs this year at WhoFest II.  The first was Nicholas Briggs who has done voice work in Dr Who and its spin offs. He is a voice of the Daleks and Cyberman in the new Who episodes.

Next was Nicola Bryant. She was part of the old school Doctor and I fondly remember her when I watched the shows in high school and college. She was just as charming and pretty as you expected.

The last autograph I picked up at this show was Terry Molloy who voices Darvos in the new Dr Who episodes.

A friend attended Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2). It is a show on my bucket list.  This year one of the guests was Neve McIntosh. My finewd got her autograph for me.  While I prefer to get the signatures myself, it’s hard to turn down a nice offer like this.

The last Who autograph I obtained was in Houston at ComicPalooza.  ComicPalooza always has a good show and this year they had Dan Starkey who plays a Sontaran.


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