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Monday, June 22, 2015

RT Convention Dallas 2015

RT is held in a different city every year.  This year, Dallas got the show. So I went.

What…?  You don’t know what RT is?  It’s a literary convention. Mostly it’s romance writers.  Some romance writers have crossed over to other genres so you might know them from other books than romance.  Also the definition of ‘Romance’ has blurred in recent years and no longer the stereo-typical ‘bodice rippers’ of yore. You might not know that the book you are reading is considered ‘romance’.

RT actually crossed my radar because 2 friends were attending.  I figured I’d check it out and see my friends too.

For the uninitiated, it is a convention for fans.  And fans, of any sort that are willing to gather together for a niche event, are basically the same; although this group of fans was 98% female and mixed among the smell of body order was some nice perfumes.  Perfume is not something I can say I ever noticed at ComicCon among the crowds.

There was a nice long list of authors.  There was a nice large crowd. Surprisingly, they held the signing event in a fairly small area.  Navigation was troublesome and the issue was exacerbated by allowing roller boards on the floor.

I had a long laundry list of ‘wants’ but really just wanted to enjoy my time there. Even though I wandered aimlessly back and forth, I did pick up a few signatures.

F Paul Brown was the first I picked up. He’s been someone I wanted for a while but we never crossed paths. He was friendly and open and we chatted about other conventions.

Carole Nelson Douglas was next.  I had gotten her to sign a book a while ago. I had a boss that loved her Midnight Louie books and I sentimentally got this one.

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl wrote the book Beautiful Creatures that was made into a movie. To be truthful, I hadn’t realized there were going to be there. So this was a nice surprise and I took advantage of it.

Sandra Brown’s books I remember from my year of penitence at WaldenBooks.  She is looking great and gladly signed a book for me.

The last book I picked up was Maya Banks and I called it a day. 

I could have picked up another author or two but I was happy with my haul. It was a great first dive into the event.  Next year, RT is in Vegas. Sounds like fun although I probably won’t attend.


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