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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sherilyn Fenn Texas Frightmare 2015

Can I admit, just between the two of us, that I never saw Twin Peaks?  I’m talking about the TV show and not the breastruant.  Somehow, it just wasn’t on the radar and when everyone started talking about it (the show not the waitresses); it was too late to catch up. I didn’t even try to catch up.

Twin Peaks has had an impact on pop culture; even without my help. And when Sherilyn Fenn showed at Texas Frightmare I had to add her to the collection.

I spent a lot of time behind one guy that got about 10 items signed.  He had a story behind each item and he HAD to share. In fact, he talked so much; he really didn’t need Sherilyn there as he never waited for a response from her before moving on to the next item.

He wasn’t rude, he just talked. And he shared. He also had ‘gifts’.  He had painted or photo-shopped something that he gave to her.  He found a ‘rare’ photo of her that he also gave her. She politely refused.  She added a comment that she wouldn’t have a place to hang it.  She then added that it looks odd to have photos of yourself hanging in your own house.  He didn’t get the hint.

Nonetheless, she was friendly and open.  She signed just about anything people brought.  She didn’t hesitate when Playboys or other naked photos were asked to be signed. She laughed and teased the owner about enjoying the images.


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