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Monday, July 20, 2015

USA film Festival April 2015

Dallas has a few film festivals every year. Some years are better than overs and some festivals are better than others.

This year, I went to the USA film Festival just 1 night. To be truthful, the whole event fell off my radar.  If a fellow hound hadn’t asked me if I was going, I would have totally forgotten.  I went when the festival screened ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’.  Yes, the movie from 1959 with Pat Boone.  And yes, Pat Boone is who I was looking to get.

He arrived early and willingly signed for everyone.  He was friendly and open and patient.  He fielded a few ad hoc questions from the fans and was in no rush.

My goal was met and I should have left.  But I had printed some photos of 2 costars, Arlene Dahl and Diane Baker. I was  hoping to also get them.  So I waited with my fellow hounds.

In the meanwhile, Peri Gilpin, from the series Frasier, arrived.  No, she wasn’t in ‘Journey’ but was there for another screening at the festival.  She looked fantastic.  I just stood on the side watching my friends’ stuff as I didn’t have anything for her to sign.  One of my buddies had an extra photo he gave to me. So I was able to pick up the autograph. 

Peri seemed very surprised people knew she was there and that they wanted her autograph. She posed with everyone.  Before she slipped into the theater, she turned back to us and asked if she missed anyone.  She really seemed to enjoy the interaction.

The night wore on. ‘Journey’ is a long movie. We waited a long time. We were told that both Arlene Dahl and Diane Baker were present for the movie and Q&A.  That was good news. Our vigil wasn’t for aught. Even though it was late and we had been there much longer than we wanted, we waited.

When we finally saw the last 2, they came out a side door.  Security was busy shouting at us to make room.  Someone shouted they would not sign. We asked anyway.  Both Arlene and Diane stopped and signed.  Arlene seemed truly thrilled that people were there for her.

Security finally got the group moving again and the signing was over.  We left and compared signatures. A small crowd had amassed wondering what was happening. We answered but the crowd didn’t get it and left shaking their heads.



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