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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jesus Christ Superstar Alamo Draft House 2015

Various cast members from the movie Jesus Christ Superstar have been touring the country and doing movie screenings. They came to Dallas in May and did a screening at the Alamo Draft House.  The Dallas (actually Richardson) showing had KurtYaghijan, Larry Marshall, and Ted Neeley in attendance.

Before the show Ted Neeley was doing a ‘meet and greet’ but Kurt and Larry were available and signed for us.  Both were friendly and talked about how much fun it was to do the tour and to see the movie on the big screen again after so many years.

Alamo Draft House is a theater that serves meals. So we got our tickets and sat and ordered a dinner. There was a short Q&A before the movie which was informative.   They talked about the cast, the director, filming in Israel, and shared a few anecdotes.

Having never seen the movie on the big screen, I really enjoy it.  While the music is great, we didn’t attempt to sing along.  We contained ourselves to tapping our feet or hands.  Sadly, some people didn’t realize how distracting their attempts at singing really are.

After the movie, we rushed out to get in line for Ted Neeley.  From the fan interaction we saw before the show, we knew his line would be slow.  He is warm and generous with his time. He has a calm about him and he tries to radiate that peace to others. Obviously, he feels a sense of responsibility from having been in this role.

After we were done, we talked about the movie among ourselves. My perception changed slightly after hearing the actors talk about their roles.  Kurt comes off much sleazier than I previously imagined.  Larry’s performance was way more over the top than I remember.  It’s needs to be noted that he was directed to do it that way.

Overall, it was a good night of entertainment and autographs.


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