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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hayley Atwell ComicPalooza 2015

Hayley Atwell was picked up by a fellow hound. I was not able to make it to Houston for ComicPalooza early enough for me to get her in person.  The friend was very willing to help and while he got his autograph he purchased a second one for me.

Personally, I love the photo. The iconic red had and the contrast of the blue jacket makes for a fun photo.



  1. I have that photo in 11x14 size although in yours it looks like they tweaked the background a little so that she stands out more. I had her sign in blue, I think it looks great but I like the black on yours because of the lighter background.

  2. Jason,
    I would have preferred blue too but I'm finding that 'black' is the choice of more and more celebs at shows.