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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Billie Piper Dallas ComicCon 2015

While Dallas ComicCon has helped me get some Dr Who autographs, they seem snake bit and have a lot of DR Who cancellations.  I was holding my breath whether Billie Piper would really show.  She did show.

I got her on Friday night.  As you can see, I did not get a photo from Dr Who.  My choice comes from the show Secret Diaries of a Call Girl.

For me, it was a tough choice.  Her character in Dr Who was almost iconic and she is near the top of my list of favorite companies. However, everyone has her to sign a Dr Who photo.  There were some pretty cool photos of her out there on Google.  This one caught my eye and I decided to print it out.  At the time, I really thought it was unique.  When I got to the front of the table, she had a stack of them there.

Billie was interacting with the crowd. She was giving a couple of little ones in front of me some extra attention when I stepped up. She signed and I mumbled something about her current series, Penny Dreadful.  Before she even said a word, the volunteers were rushing me through like I was the one slowing up the line.  We both reacted to the volunteer. I moved and Billie quickly picked up another photo to sign.
Jawohl herr commandant freiwillgen! Mach Schnell!


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