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Monday, August 10, 2015

Mitch Pileggi Dallas ComicCon 2015

X-Files started when I was watching very little TV.  Even though it was sci fi, I wasn’t watching it. I had low expectations from any show on the Fox Network.  Yes, very snobby of me.  We can be our own worst enemies at times.  Keep in mind that Simpsons and Married with Children were the big hits on Fox at the time.

One Friday night I was sick. As I lay in bed with a fever, I turned on the TV and I watched my first episode.  It was a good.  It had potential.  I started watching X-Files each week ever since.

Over the years, Deputy Director Skinner became part of the family. We trusted him. We knew he had our back. We would help in whatever way he could because we all knew the Truth was out There.

Since the end of X-Files, I have seen Mitch Pileggi in a few different series but he’ll always be Skinner to me.  As he signed, we exchanged a few words.   I told him I enjoyed his character in Supernatural.  I told him my wife still lamented the end of Dallas.  He was gracious and upbeat. He mentioned he loves Texas and actually lives out here.


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