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Friday, August 7, 2015

Cosplayers Dallas ComicCon 2015

Yes yes  yes yes… I have a weakness for cosplayers.

This last Dallas ComicCon had some of high caliber names.  All were nice and friendly.

Of the three, Riddle is my favorite.  We talked San Diego ComicCon (yeah, what else do I talk about, huh?).  While I also saw her in San Diego a month ago, I didn’t get to say hi. She always had a crowd around her and she kept pretty busy.  That is the nice thing about having the cosplayers come locally, not as large of a crowd and you get a chance to talk.

Kristen Hughey had some new photos and one was as Yeoman Rand from Star Trek.  Being a big Trekkie, it was very tempting to pick that up to. Since my wife and fellow hounds think I’m silly already getting cosplayer signatures, I just limited myself to the 1 I had planned on getting.

Lastly was Nicole Marie Jean.  While I have seen her a few times at other shows but this was the first time I got a photo signed.


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