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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chloe Bennet ComicPalooza 2015

For me, on TV, Chloe Bennet comes off as glamorous.  In person, she is the gorgeous girl next store that you had a crush on as you grew up.  She seems approachable and you even think you could just chat over coffee if you had the nerve to ask.

She chatted with the fans. She talked to them. She threw out tidbits from the show. She reminisced about her first signing:  the day before they were repeated practicing and filming a scene that made her shoulders and arms sore. She worried all night about giving people a legible signature.

I will admit she did stress me.  She struggled with the silver paint pen they gave her.  She ended up blotting photos and leaving a trial of fingerprints from the excess on her hands.  She laughed.  She took the photo and tossed it to the side. It was amusing. She wasn’t going to give someone a bad signature. I like that. I respect that.

However…I was getting a photo signed for a friend. It was already signed by the other cast members. She couldn’t just toss it to the side if she blotted the signature. I watched as they swapped the paint pens three times. I saw a dozen ruined attempts.  I was thinking of pulling out my silver sharpie and telling her to just use that instead of the paint pens.

And then, about 2 people in front of me, it clicked. The signatures were smooth. No more finger-painting. I handed over my friend’s photo and held my breath. It was successful. Then I handed over my photo and she signed with a blue sharpie. No issues with that.

We chatted. She seemed to worry that no one would show for her panel that was later in the day.  She invited me to see her at the panel.  I told her I’m sure it would be packed.

Once that signature was done, I had lunch with some friends and drove back to Dallas.


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