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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dead Rising Watchtower – Dennis Haysbert – SDCC 2015

While still ‘down’ from the Dr Who misadventure, I made my way down to the Legendary booth.  The place was crowded and chaotic. That describes ComicCon to a ‘T’. I wanted to get an autograph ticket to the Dead Rising movie. Not because I’m a fan of the video game but because Dennis Haysbert was scheduled to do the signing.  This is the same Dennis Haysbert that came to Dallas about 6 months ago and signed for everyone but me.

I threaded my way to the front of the booth and asked the worker if he had any tickets left for the autographing.  He gave me an unconvincing ‘no’.  I didn’t waste any time as I moved on with a muttered thank you.  I found another worker and asked her.  She actually paused and told me to stay put.  She came back with a ticket.  Before she put it in my grubby little hands, she looked me in the eyes and told they were saving this for someone else but since I was here and they weren’t…I got the ticket.  So I better show up. I promised.

When the signing started, it was more chaos. It was the first signing by that booth of the convention and they weren’t prepared.  They didn’t have room to queue people for the signing. The general public was crushing the booth to see who was there. This also fits SDCC to a ‘T’.

Someone made a decision and gathered us up and walked us over to a wall and told us to wait. They made a queue.  Queues like these, at the last second, are dicey. People at the booth forget about you. Or security starts trying to dispersing you. Other people cut into front.  It’s more chaos. Welcome to ComicCon.

However, I wasn’t forgotten. I made it back to the booth and got my autograph. It was rushed. I barely said thank you to Dennis Haybert, JesseMetcalfe, and Zack Lipovsky.  The crowd of onlookers pressed close.  It was even hard to leave the small booth. With my treasure in hand I found a small eddy of quiet not far from the booth and placed my poster in its protective tube and moved on to my next event.


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