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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dark Matter at Dark Horse – SDCC2015

In my opinion, Dark Matter is the best that the SyFy channel has to offer right now. When I saw that the Dark Horse booth was having the cast in for a signing, it was a no brainer.  Dark Horse usually has one or two TV show signings each year.

This was not a tickets or raffle event.  My friends and I were surprised about that. We kept an eye on the booth to make sure people weren’t queuing hours in advance. No one was. I guess people aren’t watching this show yet.

We finally decided to get in line about 30 minutes early. Since it was toward the end of the day, the heavily padded carpet in the booth was really appreciated. They pay extra for that. I wonder if their workers understand the luxury they have.

We knew in advance that only 4 of the 7 cast members would be there.  They showed up separately.  So we saw a few of the actors milling around as they waited for the others.  We also saw the SyFY channel crew that was filming the event.  In fact, the film crew asked my friend is they would do an interview in exchange for a front row seat at the panel. My friends declined only because the timing was bad; the whole ‘miles to go before we sleep’ thing.

Melissa O’Neil was first and gorgeous. I asked if she studied martial arts and if she was doing some of her own work.  She said yes.  I told her it showed and looked good.  She seemed surprised anyone would notice.

Next was Anthony Lemke.  He just finished talked hockey for several minutes with my friend.  Well, ‘talking’ is too mild of a word.  He was TALKING hockey with his whole body. Hands moves, torso rocking back and forth as he spoke.  As I step over to Anthony, I said ‘hi’ and I mentioned that it was cool he got to talk hockey with my friend.   You may not believe this but it was like he received a caffeine IV.  He lit up again. 

Then I slid over to Jodelle Ferland. She was quiet and seemed shy. I know she talked to both of my friends but we just didn’t have anything to say.

Lastly was Roger Cross. He is in everything: Continuum, The Returned, The Strain, and Dark Matters. He was friendly and it was good to see him in person.

Maybe next year, Dark Horse will have the rest of the cast and we can complete the photo.


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