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Friday, August 28, 2015

Naomi Grossman SDCC 2015

The photo I have signed does Naomi Grossman an injustice. I could have gotten a photo of her in a skimpy outfit and you would not have recognized her.  When she showed to her table in San Diego, she was in a very tight fitting red dress and high heels.   The décolleté neckline distracted as she rushed to set up for the group of 10 fans awaiting her arrival.  The hem was so narrow at her thighs she could not raise her knee to step over a small box on the floor.  Her figure was stunning. Not what you expected to see after watching American Horror Story for the last 2 seasons.

Being slightly late, she scrambled to set up the photos as she smiled and chatted with the group.  When she was settled, she took a deep breath and started signing and taking selfies with the group.  Naomi was a charmer. She seemed to enjoy meeting her fans. Obviously the fans felt a connection with her.


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