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Monday, August 31, 2015

Hand of God Cast SDCC 2015

Amazon was promoting Hand of God heavily at SDCC.  Over the course of the weekend you could see a gaggle of judges roaming the streets in black robes and rubber ‘judge-like’ masks.  I felt sad for the guys walking in those masks in the muggy San Diego weather.

This series was not high on my list of ‘wants’ but I did want it. One thing about this signing that excited me was Ron Perlman.   I just love this guy.  I always think of the movie The Name of the Rose when I see him.  Even though I was still moping over not getting a Who ticket, I dusted off my proverbial pants and got in line for Hand of God.
I won. Yeah me.

This was a signing in the back of the convention center. There are a lot of fond memories back there. The signing had 7 people, including Ron Perlman. As is often the case, I didn’t recognize a few people that I should have.  Alona Tal is a supernatural alumnus.

And one actor I did recognize was Garrett Dillahunt from the Sarah Conner Chronicles.  He wrote the ‘Love! Garrett’ on the left center of the mini poster.

Ben Watkins, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Julian Morris, and Elizabeth McLaughlin also was in attendance and signed. However, no Dana Delany, which is probably for the best as I would have just drooled.
My friends had a nice experience with Julian Morris as he was a neighbor to Peter Capaldi and asked them to say 'hi'.  Note that I was not included as I did not have a Dr Who tickets...


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