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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Zach McGowan and Luke Arnold SDCC 2015

I watch 99% sci fi, horror, and fantasy although I do sneak in a few shows that don’t fit those genres. Black Sails is one of shows.  I give myself a pass as it’s about Pirates. Pirates are the gateway to all things sci fi and fantasy. So it’s a fringe show. I don’t feel guilty in watching it. 

I wasn’t aware of a cast signing or even a panel for the Black Sails at SDCC but 2 of the crew came to sign in the sails pavilion at the convention center; Zach McGowan and Luke Arnold.

They were scheduled for Thursday and never showed.  It seems they were schedule but never told.  Luke called Zach and asked if they could ride together.  Zach didn’t have a clue what he were talking about but said sure they could drive down from LA together.  Whether true or not, it’s makes for a good story. They even showed up late on Friday.

As the set up their table and figured out how they wanted arrange the crowd, they chatted about the show. It was like a mini-panel. People in line threw questions to them and they answered. They were very friendly and talkative.

As I got in front of Zach, I commented on some scars above is eye.  He said that was before the show but both he and Luke have picked up a lot of new scars as they have worked on the set.  The water and the slippery wood and long hours in soaked clothes adds up to a few injuries. They both pointed to a few scars on their arms to prove the point.



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