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Friday, August 14, 2015

Jeri Ryan Dallas ComicCon 2015

I remember when Jeri Ryan joined the cast of Voyager. I had given up on the shows years before. Her joining the cast did not make me start watching.  

It wasn’t until years after the show was off the air and TiVo decided to record a couple of episodes of Voyager that I ever saw her as 7 of 9.  The two episodes I watched were much better than the first season.  I gave series another chance. 

Since I have a lot of Trek autographs, I needed to add this to the collection.  Jeri Ryan was friendly. I didn’t said much other than a 'thank you'.  In my opinion, I think she was prettier now than when she was in Star Trek. 

(Smack! Ouch. A hand to the back of my head.  The wife muttering about how I can’t say things like that. It objectifies women. Okay, I won’t say she looked better now.
But it’s true.)


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