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Monday, August 17, 2015

Lennie James Dallas ComicCon 2015

Lennie James was one of the autographs I was most excited about getting at this show.

I want to brag for a second. I got him twice before in San Diego.  Once for The Prisoner and once for Jericho. Both items had other signatures on them. This was the first time it was going to be a solo signature.

Lennie was very open and he talked with everyone. Everyone was talking about Walking Dead. People were showing him Walking Dead fan art, tattoos, and huge posters. He wasn’t rushing any one.

When I made my way to the front I picked up a Walking Dead photo but I started talking about Jericho.  I mentioned seeing the last panel they did at SDCC (back when I did panels). He looked up and leaned back. I was talking fast as I knew there was a line behind me.  I said I loved the story about the peanuts being sent to the studio.  I also mentioned how he asked the writers to mention big bouncy strippers next time so they could be sent to the studio.  He laughed and corrected me. He said it wasn’t strippers, it was bimbos. He wanted big bouncy bimbos written into the script.  I just didn’t get my alliteration correct.

I think he enjoyed that trip through memory lane.  I picked up my photo and left.

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