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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Land of the Lost SDCC 2015

This is still an ear worm for me: Marshall, Will, and Holly, on a routine expedition…

This year, SDCC had a Land of the Lost Reunion.  I enjoyed the show as a kid. I had rewatched the series a few years back and I still enjoyed it.  While I did not enjoy the movie, I did enjy the reboot of the series in the 90’s.

Since I previously gotten Kathy Coleman, I was only interested in Wesley Eure and Phillip Paley. I walked up at a good time. Kathy was talking to a fan but Wesley and Phillip were not busy.

Within a minute I had gotten a photo from each and left without ever having to say to Kathy I wasn’t interested. I mean, how weird is it to say that? I just didn’t have a need for a second photo.  I always feel odd as I try to avoid eye contact and pass them without having to say anything. So with good time, I was able to get I and out and not stress.


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