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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The 100 cast signing SDCC 2015

I have said this to a lot of people. The 100 Is not what I expected.  I really expected show about teenage angst, unrequited love, relationship triangles, and star crossed (pun intended) lovers with a veneer of sci fi.  Okay, it is a cast of ‘beautiful people’ with glowing skin that is cleaner than expected after a crash-landing. It has the romantic tangles that viewers crave (at least WB viewers) but they didn’t throw the romance out there in the first few episodes and there is good story writing. I really like the series.  I liked being surprised.

I was happy when I pulled a winning ticket for The 100.

I saw the cast walk to the WB booth.  The ladies were dressed very glamorously. Stilettos, makeup, glossy lipstick, short hems, etc.  They dressed to turn heads and they did.  The guys were more chic causal.

First up was Isaiah Washington, he saw my badge and asked me where in Texas I was from. I said Dallas, then he asked if Dallas, or Plano, or Ft Worth.  Stunned, I said just north of Plano.  I asked why he knew the area. He said he grew up in Houston. He asked if I was a Cowboys fan. I turned that aside and said I was a Rangers fan.  Then I asked what he thought about the Astro’s moving to the American League.  He lowered his head and shook it. He said he didn’t want to get involved in politics.  We both laughed. I got the meaning.  Baseball is like relation and politics.  It’s an emotional topic. You just don’t jump into that topic casually.

Eliza Jane Taylor was next. Did I say she looked beautiful?  Did I say I could look into her eyes all day - (Swack!  Yes, that was the wife hitting me in the back of the head…moving on…). And the Aussie accent…

Bob Morley signed and then I moved to Marie Avgeropoulos also looked stunning (I duck my head reflexively to avoid the wife’s hand..) and next was Lindsey Morgan  who also looked beautiful.

Lindsey  also commented on my badge. She told me she was from Houston.  I said so was Isaiah. She turned and looked at Isaiah. Then she said, that’s right and that she kept forgetting that.  They are never on the set together so they never talk.

Then I slid over to Ricky Whittle. He introduced himself and said he played Lincoln.  He asked how I enjoyed the show.  I paused and gauged what I should say.  I told him I really enjoyed it. I t was much better than I expected.  He thanked me and I moved over to the last person.

The last person was Jason Rothenberg.  He had overheard what I said to Ricky. Jason is the creator of the show.  He asked me how it was better.  So I told him.  He said they have surprised a lot people.  They liked that people underestimated them and that the content was more than just an excuse to see semi-naked people. I had moved to the side so others could get their items signed.  He had settled in for a conversation.  I think he wanted to hear more and I was willing to say more.  However, security interrupted us and I moved along.


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