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Monday, September 28, 2015

Pan cast SDCC 2015

In the morning, I successfully pulled a winning ticket for Pan.  As is the norm, you aren’t 100% who will or won’t show for the panels or the signing.  There was some buzz that Hugh Jackman would be part of the signing. Needless to say, I was excited

Later that day, I stood in line at the WB booth and waited for the celebs to show. Once the crowd saw Hugh, they roared. He causally looked over the crowd and waved and chatted with the people in the booth.

After a small wait, I’m at the booth. I pass by Joe Wright, Garrett Hedlund, and Levi Miller without really paying any attention to them.  How rude of me. I was just nerding out that I was getting Hugh Jackman’s autograph.

He thrust his hand out. We shook.  He said, ‘Hi mate, I’m Hugh,’ or something along those lines.  While I don’t remember exactly what start the conversation I do remember the rest.

Me: Wow, that’s a nice Texas accent.  (It’s part of my schtick – I really should make that NOT part of my schtick)

Hugh (Puzzled look. Mostly from trying to decide if I’m really that big of an idiot, or if I’m mentally challenged, or I’m trying to be funny.  He gave me a smile from one half of his mouth): Nah – I’m from a little further south than Texas.  South and West.

Me (I realized I’m not as funny as I thought. Oops! Quickly, I added): I know.  I saw you on Graham Norton Days of Future Past – you were very funny.

Hugh: Thanks mate. Cheers.

And I left with my mini poster and wondering why I ever opened my mouth. Chagrined but very happy.


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