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Monday, September 21, 2015

Warcraft fail SDCC2015

I mentioned that planning and ‘stick to it-ness’ pays off?  This time it didn’t.

Once we got onto the expo floor in the morning, I went straight to the Legendary booth.  Again, the booth was cloaked in chaos.  I saw one of the guys from the other day that seemed to be in charge and went to him. It’s always good to find a ‘Guy in Charge’ (GiC).  He was busy talking to another booth worker and I overheard him say he was going to march us over to the wall and then hand out autograph tickets.  So I just followed him. I was one step behind him the whole way.

Legendary doesn’t do a raffle; they just hand out little business cards with the vital info about the signing. Once all of the cards are handed out, they are done. That is your admittance ticket. Then you hand it back as you are about to get your item signed.  Just don’t lose it.

My GiC held a sign that said the name of the booth and that the ‘line starts here’. When he stopped and turned around to survey his future queue, he bumped into me.  Yes, I was still one step behind him.  He actually asked what I was here for.  Silly boy. 

Because the booth looked like a kicked over red ant hill, he wanted to get back to this people.  I told him I would hold the sign. He it gave to me.  I held it up high with pride.  I was first in line. I performed my duties to the best of my abilities. For the next 15 minutes, I told people to ‘get to the back of the line’. Ah, the power of telling my fellow nerds what to do.

Why was I holding a sign and barking a my fellow nerds?  For the Warcraft movie.  It had a large cast and Legendary was having 2 different signings for it with 2 different groups of actors; both groups had exciting people.   When the GiC came back, he asked what ticket I wanted.  I told him I wanted both Warcraft tickets.  He shook his head no.  I said, I helped him with the sign and keep my fellow nerds in line.  (Pun intended).  He wasn’t in a bargaining mood. So I choose the first session.

Things were looking good.  I left and did other nerdy things (wait in line, walk through long lines, took pictures of cosplayers, etc) until it was time for the signing.  I got back about 30 minutes early.  Maybe 50 people were in front of me.  For a long time nothing happened. Then more ‘nothing’.  Then a half serving of ‘nothing’ before the line moved a little.  I saw the GiC taking 10 people at a time to the booth.  In-between trips, I saw the CiG looking over the line and his watch.  That was a bad omen. Surprisingly my fellow nerds were clueless.

I made it to the front of the line.  GiC led my small group through the chaos to the booth. As he was about to add us to the end of that line, another booth worker said the line was capped.  GiC had a very irritated look on his face.  He had a few questions about who made the decision and when.  After all, he was GiC.   He told us to wait and he scurried off.  A moment passed and he was back telling us we needed to leave, the line was capped.  Ouch.

I did leave slowly.  Being that close you always hope for a change of mind or to sneak past the person that is tracking the end of the line.  No luck with that.  I did not get any autographs.  As I slowly left (mostly because the crowd prevented a quick exit), Travis Fimmel (the main character in Vikings) leaped up on the faux boulders that was part of the booth’s design  He stood  5 feet off the ground.  The crowd roared.  Someone handed him a sword and he posed with it. Then he turned and pantomimed fighting the ogre behind him that was also part of the booth’s facade. As a good Viking should, he defeated the ogre and triumphantly leaped down all before I could get my camera out.

SDCC is a roller coat of success and failures even when you are prepared and have the golden ticket in hand. It was time to move on to the next adventure.


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