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Monday, October 5, 2015

Joe Lansdale Wild Detectives Book Store 7/2015

I have 2 friends that highly praise of Joe Lansdale. For years I have heard how I need to read him. Sadly I never have.   I have missed him (my fault) at various literary cons because I have procrastinated too long.

This time, my fellow Hound, Gambit, dragged me by the collar to Wild Detectives  Book Store.  The books store is in an old part of town that is slowly becoming cool and hip again. The store itself is a house that has been repurposed into a coffee house/book store/microbrewery beer stop. The house is one story.  It MAY be 500 square feet.  It does not sell mainstream nor best seller books. It’s artsy/farsty and pretentious. That’s intended purpose so it works.

Joe spoke. He read from the book. He answered questions. He signed.  An easy going man with an impressive resume of books. He was humorous and entertaining. As he answered questions, you could tell his fans were hard core and wanted to know the minutiae of his stories and characters.

As he spoke, he mentioned something about movie rights and how to treat them. Basically, take the check and cash it but don’t bank on a movie being made. It reminded me of what John Steakly had said on the same topic.  When I handed my books over, I mentioned that to Joe. He said he only met John a few times. Then I had to add, I wasn’t trying to disrespect him by talking about another author at his signing. I just was sharing a common thought.  Joe didn’t take it in a negative way. He added a few more kind works about Steakly and I left.


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