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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ernest Cline Alamo Draft House 7/2015

Again my fellow Hound Gambit helped me get an author I probably would have missed. This time it was at the Alamo Draft House.  The author is Ernest Cline. Ernest is a geek. He’s one of ‘us’. He drives an old DeLorean because of Back to the Future. He’s also the man behind the movie Fanboys.  Fanboys is a movie I reference often.

Ernest had a PowerPoint presentation. How geeky is that? He was humorous and excited to be talking to his fellow nerds.  As he spoke, I wasn’t following all of the pop culture geek references. He had me wondering if my geek street cred was valid anymore. Maybe my geek-fu wasn’t very strong. He also spoke about visiting Skywalker ranch and loading his pockets with anything that could fit, so he could have souvenirs to prove he was there.

After the dinner and the talk, we stood in line to get our books signed. Even though he had a flight he needed to catch, he was chatting away with everyone.  Yes, I did beat him down with SDCC and Fanboy talk but only for a moment as I didn’t want my fellow nerds missing out on a signature.


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