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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Orli Shoshan and Nalini Krishan Order 66 Toy Store 9/6/15

That’s no Toy Store… It’s a Star Wars Toy Store!

It’s too big to be a for a Star Ways Toy store…I think you’re right…

To be truthful, I didn’t think a Star Wars Toy Store could exist or sustain itself for long; especially, in the backwaters of McKinney Texas.  However, Order 66 seems to be viable and growing. I’m sure the internet is vital in connecting niche fans to this niche store. Regardless, it’s a fascinating place to enter.

It is all Star Wars all the time.  While it’s a hole in the wall shop, it’s floor to ceiling, front to back packed with action figures and collectibles from the 6 movies, several cartoon series, and countless books. It has old and new; mass market and limited editions, and then some.

As I walked through the aisles I was amazed at the lack of duplication of product. It was not rows upon rows of same item. It was different figures on each shelf, on each row, and in the column. I had not realized how much Star War stuff was out there. It’s actually kind of scary.

So why did I, a lifetime Trekker, visit this wretched hive of scum and villainy? Have I crossed the neutral zone and joined the dark side?

In a word: No.

In another word: Autographs

In celebration of Force Friday (yeah, it’s a made up holiday. So is Valentine’s day, and Mom’s Day’s – what’s your point?) Order 66 Toys brought in Orli Shoshan and Nalini Krishan. They both appeared in a Star Wars movie.  Don’t ask me which one. It has been long established I have an addiction. We’re talking autographs, shesh.

The 2 of them were in the back of the store hanging out. When the wookies visited the store (yeah, that was plural) they came out to get their photos taken.  Who can resist walking carpets? They laid across the wookies arms about 5 feet in the air. It was cute.

Afterward, I picked the photos for them to sign and they signed.  They offered to pose with him for a selfie. It’s always nice when it’s offered.  I’m shy and really, who wants to see a photo of me?

As I left, I could hear Han say: It’s all clear kid, now let’s blow this joint and go home.


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